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We are three Jerusalem-based entrepreneurs. For more than three years, we’ve been teaching hundreds of seniors how to use technology. We’ve built an annual curriculum that has been tested and proved in senior-focused community centers and service institutions. The team includes expertise in business development, education strategies, community management, and start-up technology companies.

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Gabi Arnovitz

Social entrepreneur, lecturer for seniors on smartphone uses. Currently studying business and economics at Hebrew U, loves to ride his bike past people sitting in traffic.

David Suraqui

A multidisciplinary entrepreneur and expert in characterizing and implementing enterprise information systems for healthcare and accessible technologies, has a unique sense of humor that people tend to like.

Uriel Shuraki

Social and high-tech entrepreneur and co-founder of MadeinJLM, partner in an incubator for community leaders in the city, a lecturer for seniors, technology consultant who has one very good magic trick that works every time.

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